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Mrs. Adelaida F. Kikuchi and her collection of Fashionable Accessories

   This is the owner Mrs. Adelaida F. Kikuchi or "Leng" for her nickname. Leng has a husband named Katsuji Kikuchi, a Japanese, and she has two sons and 1 daughter. Her daughter and elder son was already finished their college degree and the youngest son was still in college. She was a loving and caring mother and wife,  also a kind-hearted person, she always want the safety, security, and welfare of her employee, and above all she is a very nice friend.

    Leng has a great sense of taste when it comes to fashion that's why she collected from other region like Cebu, the finest product of accessories. She likes to wear necklaces  and other accessories like bangles, earrings, and bracelet especially when she attending parties and other occasions. Leng love attending party for socialization and traveling to see and collect accessories that she wanted most. She travelled mostly in Cebu where one of the largest handicraft accessories are made.

   Leng made up her mind to put her interest to business  and that is to sell some of her collections including accessories not her collection but her interest and from there HEAD-TURNER FASHION WEARS exist, to share her interest to others and to give them the same happiness and enjoyment she felt in her accessories.

Here are some of her accessories that interest her.

These are sample items that our company is selling today.
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