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 Some Fact Behind Fashion


    What is fashion? Many people do it everyday, but what is fashion all about? Is it the expensive dress and the pants you’re wearing? Or is it the diamonds and precious stones that can buy a house and lot? Is it the fabulous accessories that only rich people can afford? What is fashion all about? Bib necklace accessories can be added to fashion, their unique appearance is really an eye catchy because not only by there looks but also some are bigger and hard to handle, that is why some are afraid of wearing it because it may not suit for them. What if they knew that is not as bad as they think? They would still be afraid? What if it suits them and makes them so glamorous?

        some of the famous character in the Philippines are wearing bib necklace came from us, like Kris Aquino (famous actress, tv host, commercial model, and sister of the president of the Philippines), Karen Davila (famous news anchor). and other known personality in showbiz, business, and politics. Even a simple or normal people can wears it. It’s not their achievements that made them wearing it; it’s their desire to be unique and fashionable.

   Fashion is something that gives us extra ordinary look and a unique way of attire. It may not cost as expensive as many precious jewelries to be fashionable because a cheap or simple accessories can bring us to fashion like bib necklace. It’s more on happiness and joy we felt when we‘re on the crowd. Fashion isn’t just look, it must be how you will handle your look. It isn’t just what you’re wearing; it must be coupled with you.





2/3/2011 10:42:37

...gnda nmn po galing mo nmn pla gumwa kip up ang goodluck..=))


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